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20 years focused on blasting equipment R & D and productionTo build the domestic blasting equipment leading brand

  • 01

    The dust removal effect of poor equipment dust emissions standards which directly affect the blasting effect!
  • 02

    The sound insulation device is not good the work noise is big the influence work mood the noise pollution!
  • 03

    Equipment protection board and wear resistant parts are not strong frequent replacement high cost!
  • 04

    Blasting resettlement is not reasonable resulting in a large number of shot dead increasing workload!
  • 05

    Small business without long-term production capacity without sufficient technical strength to provide after-sales and spare parts supply!

24h National toll free hotline: +86-515-83753416

  • 01With a unique core technology quality is more secure!

    The company has an independent technical research center, expert technical research and development team led

    Using computer CAD aided design, to ensure the accuracy of the equipment processing and the parameters

    With imported CNC machining center and high precision testing equipment, to ensure the quality of equipment

    Products strictly in accordance with the IS09001:2000 international quality management system standard operation

  • 02Company product series complete customer demand is guaranteed!

    "H" type steel through type shot blasting machine; Q69 series of large steel pretreatment production line

    QG series steel shot blasting machine; large sandblasting room series

    Q31, Q32, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q48, Q58, Q68 series Shotblast cleaning machine

    S11 series sand mixer and various types of special alloy castings. Wear matching parts, etc.

  • 03Short installation period to ensure customer use efficiency!

    Equipment site in place, the company unified arrangement of professional on-site construction team site installation and commissioning

    Installation team are equipped with professional and technical personnel, such as the problem, in a timely manner to solve the problem in the field

    Provide a complete set of equipment in place, fixed, test run, the linkage test run a full set of Solutions

    General equipment installation period of three days to complete, the whole set of equipment in place according to the actual situation of the decision

  • 04Professional after-sales service team the most intimate after-sales service!

    Set the shot blasting machine parts warehouse to ensure timely, to provide customers with blasting machine accessories

    After receiving the customer service calls within 15 minutes to respond to reply / customer solutions

    Can arrive at the scene within 12 hours, 24 hours to arrive at the scene outside

    Strict after-sales complaints, monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the company's after-sales service quality

24h National toll free hotline:


Yancheng Dafeng Zhongxin Casting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research, design, manufacture.Professional production enterprise of casting machinery. The company is located in the Yellow Sea.Dafeng City, Jiangsu province. Dafeng City is the world's rare animal elk hometown, is aA new port city, the national key project 【DETAILS】

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